My Philosophy

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) I believe there is no “one size fits all” approach or diet to achieve health–every person has a unique biological, psychological and social story that impacts their health and wellness every day. As an NTP I understand this bio-individuality and can help each person restore their body to greater balance and support them to tap into their own abilities to heal. To do this, I am trained in a science based, holistic approach that makes a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole foods diet paired with a balanced lifestyle the focus of our work. Together we will dig into the foundations of health and what they mean to your body. And, together, we will come up with the right tools and needed nutrient support to help your body restore itself.  Also, as someone who has undergone a years long healing journey with autoimmune disease, I intimately know how lonely and hard it can be to figure out mysterious symptoms and then make lasting changes for your health.  So, let’s find wellness together!


My Pillars for Health

Whole Foods & Nutrient Density

Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins that are minimally processed and provide the most nutrient density.

Proper Food Preparation

Know which foods are best eaten raw or cooked to maximize nutrient availability; and understand and utilize safe cookware and storage containers .

Well Balanced Lifestyle

Find spaces in life to slow down and be mindful; cultivate joy and peace in day to day living.

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What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)?

An NTP empowers others to become knowledgeable and responsible for their own health.  They use nutrition and lifestyle strategies to support clients to develop and work towards their own health goals.  NTP’s evaluate nutritional needs and provide bio-individual dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support the body towards health and balance. 

How is working with an NTP different?

NTP’s meet clients where they are at and never enter into a client relationship with a preconcieved idea of what is best for that person.  NTP’s focus on symptoms associated with nutrient needs and functional imbalances in the body.  NTP’s do NOT treat diesease, but help clients have a better experience amidst the context of a disease.

What can’t an NTP do?

NTP’s do NOT practice medical nutrition or dietetics.  NTP’s do NOT diagnose or treat disease.  NTP’s do NOT act as a substitute for doctors or other licensed healthcare providers.  

 What are the Nutritional Foundations? 

The nutritional foundations are what NTP’s are scientifically trained in to support clients:  Properly Prepared, Nutrient Dense, Whole Foods Diet; Digestion & Elimination; Blood Sugar Regulation; Fatty Acids; Mineral Balance; Hydration.

Are you going to make me stop eating Poptarts?

As an NTP I will never force you, guilt you or coerce you into making decisions about what you can and cannot eat.  We work together to support your health and lifestyle; and, in all things we work towards balance and your personal goals together.

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