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Imagine falling asleep knowing you’re going to wake up with enough energy to play with your kids rather than wondering if you’ll even make it to the breakfast table. 

 For most people, when you get diagnosed with an autoimmune disease your doctor prescribes you medication and you’re told there is nothing you can do to make your symptoms more manageable.  Essentially, you walk out the door with a prescription and a sad smile from your doctor that says, “Good luck with that!”  So, you diligently take your medication while still enduring massive fatigue, extreme joint aches, ridiculous brain fog and the list goes on and on. 

And yet, there’s a little voice in your head that says, “There has to be something more.”  You’re yearning for your old life when you had energy to spare…all of us with autoimmune disease yearn for our old selves who could run marathons…or at least make it from breakfast to dinner without a nap. 

So, what if you listen to that little voice inside that’s telling you there is more to this than just medication?  What if you listen to that voice and it leads you back to not only yourself, but a self that knows how to listen to and nourish her body so that every day you know you’ll have the physical and emotional capacity to do things you love?

And, what if you listened to that voice and found support that wasn’t all about extreme elimination diets that made you cook two different meals at dinnertime or took more energy from you than it gave back?  What if, instead, you found gentle and empathic support with simple diet and lifestyle changes that are do-able even for the busiest of Mom’s?



Welcome to…

Revive & Thrive: 

A 90-day whole foods healing journey for busy Mom’s with autoimmune disease.


This program supports busy & burned out Mom’s with autoimmune disease who want to reignite their energy, have more restful sleep (AND fall back asleep more quickly after being woken up by kids), enahnce their fertility, balance their hormones in order to lessen extreme PMS, fit into their jeans because the bloat & gas is gone and stop mood swings all together.  In addition, this program may be a good fit for women who are having mystery symptoms and just want to feel better. 


This 90-day program is designed to optimize health through personalized nutrition protocols that focus on YOU and not generic plans that are formulated for the masses.   Together we will identify and create a plan for addressing your nutritional needs and potential imbalances in the body that may be causing inflammatory responses and symptoms.

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Initial Assessment

Together, we’ll take a deep dive into your health history, current health status and any specific health concerns you may have in a 90 minute 1:1 Session. You’ll also be asked to provide any information about your daily lifestyle and dietary habits.

Valued at $300

Nutritional Analysis

In this 2nd 90-minute 1:1 session we will use a software tool called “Nutriq” to analyze your bio-individual nutritional needs as well as uncover which systems of the body may need additional support. 

Valued at $300


Education & 1:1 Support

Across four 60-minute follow up sessions you will receive support on your goals as well as problem-solving around any barriers to success that arise.  In addition you will receive education on the 5-Foundations of Health, how to optimize your diet for symptom management, how to do a whole foods refresh of your pantry and how to make the best food choices for you!

Valued at $690


Customized Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

Together we will develop a customized and bio-individual nutrition and lifestyle plan based on YOUR needs and goals for a healthy and sustainable life. 

Valued at $250


Revive & Thrive Reassessment

In this final 90-minute 1:1 session we will assess how your symptoms have improved and how your body has responded to the changes you’ve made through the use of our software tool “Nutriq.”  This tool will measure your progress and inform how you move forward after the 90-day program is complete. 

Valued at $300



Fertility Enhanced Webinar: 4 steps to radically reducing inflammation so you can increase fertility and reclaim your vitality

Nourished: 4-week meal plan for autoimmune warriors.

Valued at: $150



Total Value: $1,990

Your investment: $1500



“The changes I’m making with Mary Beth’s support are laying a new and sustainable foundation for the rest of my life!”


“Working with Mary Beth gets me excited to engage in the tools she provides!”


“Working with Mary Beth is a transformative experience!”


“Mary Beth’s recommendations make so much sense and have been easy to integrate into my life!”


“Mary Beth honors the knowledge I have of my body and asks in depth questions to better understand my lived reality as well as my context for health and wellness.”


What if I’m really busy?

This program is not only tailored to your bioindividual nutritional needs, but your lifestyle needs as well.  Together we will create goals that feel manageable and go at the pace that feels right for you and your family. 

Will you help me if I can’t manage the changes we agree to make?

Absolutely!  With your package you receive unlimited email support with me.  If, after our time together, you realize that you just can’t make the changes we discussed then reach out to me immediately via email!  Together we will discuss what the barriers are and figure out how best to move forward so you feel like you’re progressing and making changes that are sustainable for you.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Appointments cannot be canceled within 24 hours of the appointment start time.  If an appointment is canceled within 24 hours of the appointment start time the client forfeits that session and will not be reimbursed. 

Will this help me if I don’t have a diagnosed autoimmune disease?

Yes!  I didn’t receive an auotimmune diagnosis until I was three years into my health and healing journey.  And, maybe you will never have a diagnosed autoimmune condition, but you just want to regain your energy and feel better again.  Because this program is personalized for you at every single step your body can come into greater balance and move towards greater thriving.  

What’s an example of a diet or lifestyle change you may make with clients?

As an NTP I focus on the foundations of health–proper digestion, balanced blood sugar, adequate hydration, optimal mineral status and essential fatty acid status.  Together we make changes to your diet and lifestyle based on which foundation your body shows a need for additional support.  This could be as simple as taking walks after meals to balance blood sugar or more complex like working together to do food eliminations to identify sensitivies to your digestion.  Whatever the change is we work together to agree on the next best step for you and your body.

Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds.  Once you sign up and pre-pay it is your responsibility to utilize the sessions to their fullest.

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