Well, it’s that time of year when everyone is searching for the perfect gift.  So, if you or a loved one is going through a chronic health issue like autoimmune disease, infertility or any other long-term health issue that is stressful and possibly puts them on a restrictive diet then this list is for you.  Every single one of these items is tried and tested in my house; and, most of these items are loved by my whole family–no autoimmune disease needed.  

As we all embark on another holiday season my wish for anyone going through a difficult health journey is that you set boundaries that feel good to you, protect your heart from anything that brings you extra grief and pain and that you surround yourself with people who are able to validate and empathize with all that you’re going through.

Wishing everyone a very merry holiday season!

  1.  Celebrations by Danielle Walker is my go-to cookbook for any holiday or celebration.  When you’re on a healing diet or have dietary restrictions this cookbook makes sure you’re not missing out on anything.  I served gingerbread cake and cranberry compote with whipped coconut cream to my family on Christmas eve a couple of years ago and everyone loved it.  Not one person knew the cake was gluten and dairy free.  
  1. This Bacon Bin is great for separating out your bacon bits from the lard so you can use the lard later.  Did you know that lard is actually a healthy fat?  This is because it’s a pure form of animal fat that is minimally processed and is NOT a hydrogenated and highly processed vegetable oil like Crisco.  So, use lard in place of Crisco when baking, frying or even just greasing a pan…you just can’t beat its deliciousness!
  1. This Neck Massager is loved by my whole family.  Whether you have a lot of tension in your neck (where most of us store it!) or just need a little extra relaxation this massager is it.  It warms up too for a little added relaxation when you’re watching movies on a cold winter night!
  1. These paleo spices are really delicious and are so helpful when you’re on a healing diet or have dietary restrictions since they don’t have any gluten, msg or fillers like corn starch.  We eat at our family cabin all summer long so I stocked the pantry there with a bunch of these spices.  Now I can participate in taco night, burgers and even breakfast scrambles with the whole family and not feel left out…or be left to cook my whole meal separately.  These are also great stocking stuffers for your family cook who makes spice blends from scratch due to dietary restrictions because they free up time in the kitchen!
  1. This Headache Hat is a GAME CHANGER for headaches and migraines.  This was actually an amazon find by my husband, which I kind of downplayed…until I tried it.  The relief it brings when you have a migraine cannot be compared.  Do I still have to go lay down and not look at anything while I cope?  Yes!  But, does this make the whole awful migraine experience a tiny bit better?  Absolutely!  We now have two of these in our household so once one warms up we can swap it out for another cold one!
  1. We love this water bottle! For those of you who like cold drinks this water bottle keeps my daughter’s water cold at school ALL DAY LONG!  It also comes with the ability to drink from it like a traditional water bottle or it has a straw.  Plus, it never leaks so you can throw it in your backpack and not have to worry.  It comes in amazing colors too!
  1. I use these souper cubes all winter long.  Anytime I make soup I make sure to throw a little extra into these cubes to freeze so we have a frozen meal ready in a pinch.  I like to scoop soup into the cubes, place the cubes on a sheet tray and then put them in the freezer so they freeze level.  Once frozen I pop the cubes out of the silicone tray and put them in a gallon freezer bag.  Then, I can use as many cubes as I want later on for either a single or family meal.  Game changer!
  1. It’s really important to use non-toxic cookware as much as possible.  Why?  Because anything you cook in will ultimately leech into your food.  So, all of those teflon non-stick pans (though they are very nice to clean) are really toxic to your health.  Teflon is made from a chemical that lasts in the body for a very LONG time.  Some studies have linked it to an increase in certain cancers.  So, clean cookware is imperative for long term health and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  I use this cast iron pan every single day and it gets more non-stick by the day because it’s seasoned so well.  If you’re intimidated by cast iron (I used to be!) it’s okay,  just start using it and you’ll figure it out as you go!
  1. This AIP comfort foods cookbook is full of delicious recipes for anyone who has dietary restrictions and craves some old comfort food classics.  I cook from this book every single week.  We love the Italian Wedding soup, the pumpkin scones and we make gingerbread cookies every Christmas!  This is a lovely gift for anyone who has dietary restrictions like gluten and dairy; it’s also a wonderful cookbook for anyone wanting to cook some comfort food for their loved one who is struggling and has dietary restrictions.
  1.  This lavender scented Warmie friend is soothing for grown-ups and kids alike.  Whether you’re trying to warm up your bed on a chilly winter night or just need a warm and soothing hug this Warmie friend is for you.  You can microwave this Warmie for additional comfort and it also comes in all different types of animals, though there is something so endearing about the sloth!

Alright everyone, those are my top 10 favorite things for gifts this year!  Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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